26 June 2010

Surreal digital matte painting tutorial

Here it is! This is quite an extensive tutorial on a matte painting I did that uses photos as well as painted elements. This should serve as June's tutorial. It's on the PSD Tuts Plus site that has some great info on how to achieve many effects in Photoshop. If you join on that site, you get access to the full tutorial, plus its source files. If you don't want to join, don't worry; I'll be putting up a tutorial on creating a  set extension from a photographic plate, which is an important matte painting technique.

16 June 2010

Article on digital matte painting

I had wanted to have some posts up by now, but this month has been very busy. I actually already wrote a long intensive tutorial on matte painting for another site, so that may have to be this month's tutorial. It's a great site for many different kinds of Photoshop tutorials, so check it out. I wrote an article on matte painting for them and it has already posted. It should serve as an intro to the full tutorial. Click here to read the article at PSD Tuts Plus.