29 December 2017

What I've been doing in the Visual Arts department

As a new faculty member at UNG, I'm still trying to figure things out here. Earlier this semester, I attended SIEGE, the Southern Interactive Entertainment Games Expo in Atlanta, GA. I made some contacts in the industry and found out what is happening in the area, in terms of games and animation development. I'm trying to get in with companies to be able to share opportunities with students and prepare them for the workplace. If I can do some work around here as well, that would help on many levels. 

After the conference, I was interviewed for the university's newspaper about opportunities in the area and what students need to know in order to prepare. The state of Georgia is growing with jobs in the entertainment industry, due mainly to incentives to get studios here for TV and movie production. At UNG, we offer classes designed to get students into these local industries and are working to provide even more.