26 June 2011

Flash certified

Good news, everyone! I had been putting it off, but at the last minute, I decided to take the Adobe Flash recertification exam. I won't embarrass myself by giving you my score, but I did pass, so I am now an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor in Flash. I am up to date in all my certifications. Now let's see if I ever get the chance to teach Flash again.

In other not so good news, for much of May and the first half of June, I was involved in interviewing for an onsite 3D illustrator position at Apple. I did several art test for them and went down to the Apple campus in Cupertino for a grueling 4-hour session of interviews. They liked my work and felt I would be a good match for the team, but for some reason, they won't be hiring me this quarter. What does that mean for the future? I'm not sure. But I am back teaching this summer: Photoshop 1 at Santa Rosa Junior College. Things have been busy, but I hope to get another tutorial up soon.