06 December 2020

Creative Quarterly competition

Now this is something cool. I've been sending out entries to various contests and art shows. Creative Quarterly journal of art and design is a professional publication showcasing working and student artists. They do a competition each quarter and I decided to see if I could get some notice. My experience has been that the kind of work I do professionally doesn't tend to win awards. I think some of it is good, but it's just not artistic, symbolic, or arty enough, even for professional art and design competitions. But I guess this time, something worked. 

For Issue 59, I got submissions chosen in the professional illustration and fine art categories. No money or anything like that, but it does help me in my research work going toward my tenure application. I also had entries chosen in Issue 61 in the professional illustration category. 

It takes a while to get the winners up and online. I'm still waiting for the printed copies to arrive and they are now accepting entries for Issue 63, but the gallery for Issue 59's winners is up and you can see it here. I'll try and see if I can come up with more work that they might like.

Click here to see my fine art winning entry.
Click here to see my illustration winning entry.