27 February 2011

Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 certified

Good news, everyone! I just passed the Illustrator CS5 ACE recertification exam. I must tell you, this one was tough. I haven't been using the latest version of Illustrator much these days. I'm not teaching it and I haven't found much professional use for the new features yet, although some of them are cool. It was a hard test and it took me within a few seconds of the 2-hour time limit, but I ended up with a 91% score. As usual, there were some obscure questions on topics I had never heard of, but I did learn a few good things about Illustrator. I passed the Photoshop recertification exam a couple of days ago.  I should know it much better than Illustrator, but for some reason I got a 90% on Photoshop.

The deadline for taking the shorter recert tests is tomorrow. If I had missed that, I would have to do the full proctored exams, and that's something I never want to do again. Yeah, I know, I waited until the last minute, but it's been a busy month and I don't like tests. I still need to recertify in Flash, but that one isn't even out yet. So as of this moment, I am current in my status as an Adobe Certified Instructor.