19 December 2011

Judging for an online art competition

Recently, I was asked to serve on a panel of jurors for Open, the latest photography and digital art competition at Exhibitions Without Walls. All of the work was really good and it was a bit hard to narrow things down, but luckily all the jurors had to do was evaluate each one for points in various categories. The winners were then calculated from the totals. As I said, all of the entries were high quality, so it was tough. Most of the entries were photographic, but there were a few illustrations, so I always like that.

16 December 2011

My latest work

I recently completed an illustration of the Brooklyn Bridge. The end client is a construction and infrastructure company and it will be used as the header image of their calendar for next year. The final image was 26" long, but not so tall, so it's a hard format to show, but here is a detailed section of it. As you can see, it ended up being very detailed and I had a deadline I was working to hit, but it all worked out. The illustration was painted from scratch in Photoshop and took just over a week of full-time work to complete.

You can see a full-length version of the image on my portfolio site here.

01 December 2011

My artwork on a shirt

Remember the very first tutorial I posted? If not, you can see it here. Recently, I was asked to build it into a T-shirt design. I've done this sort of thing before, but not always with the most exciting art. This was one of my favorite images and the final output actually looks pretty good. This doesn't always happen. They've promised to send me my own shirt, but I haven't seen it yet.