29 April 2017

My work on Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was officially released for home video (is that still the term?) this month. It was great to finally watch it at home and I still have good memories of working at Industrial Light & Magic last fall at the end of production on this movie. As I recall, I worked on about 20 shots in total, but one of them ended up being cut from the final film. If you've followed the news on how this movie was made, you'll know that a lot of major scenes were filmed for trailers and promotional spots, but were dropped as the end of the storyline evolved into what we saw in theaters. Following are images from shots I worked on, to the best of my memory. Just so you know, my involvement was minor, as my job was rotoscoping and digital paint fix. But it's great to have been a part of this project.