21 April 2015

Current freelance project

I've got a lot on my plate these days, and one is a 3-part project for a coal plant. It's a pretty big one; each image will be printed at 4x3 feet. I was trying to do it quickly, but there was so much there in the source material, that it soon got very detailed. I finally tried to tone it down a bit, but if you know anything about my work, you know that I just can't keep away from this kind of approach for too long. I'm still on it, but here is a small section of one of the images, showing just how much is going into this illustration. I eventually had to leave out a lot of the smaller doo-dads, just to get it finished.

15 April 2015

Doing something unusual this week...

Just a quick little post from Arkansas. That's right; I'm in Arkansas. I'm visiting Southern Arkansas University to interview, teach a class, and give a lecture. They are considering me for a position as Assistant Professor of Art and Design. I've been trying for something like this since last year, so we will see what happens. If it does, I have to consider whether I want to make a major move to the South. More to come.