22 July 2010

My work at the BYU alumni show

Last month, I submitted a piece for BYU's 30-year Alumni Illustration show. Since my work now is digital and of subjects that most people would not necessarily want to see hanging in a gallery, my options were a bit limited. But I had a nice print of a concept matte painting I did for a project in the Pixel Corps a couple of years back. It's a view of Jupiter, as seen from Europa, one of its moons. The print was large enough to get framed, so I did that quickly and sent it off. 

Earlier this month, I was actually passing through Utah, so I stopped by the campus to see the show. The work was just amazing and I felt humbled to have my work in the same exhibit. Of course, commercial art and illustration are extremely diverse, serving very different needs. My work serves its purpose. You may recognize this painting as one of the images on the site. Since the month is slipping away, I decided to do July's tutorial on this image.

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