13 July 2012

What I'm doing now

It has been a while since my last post, so I thought I should give everyone an update. Unusual for me, I am not teaching this summer. State budgetary problems may have something to do with that. So I am concentrating on freelance and self promotion. I also figured it was time to gain some new skills, so I am currently taking an online class in Nuke. This program is node-based compositing software often used for special effects in the film industry, which is something I am very interested in, especially for matte painting. It's very complicated, but it can do some amazing things.


  1. Hi, really interested about your freelancing life. what kinds of work you like best?

  2. I'm not too picky. Anything that pays well and gives me the opportunity to create cool images. Mainly, I do realistic illustrations for construction, product, and infrastructure advertising. I also really like matte and background painting. Take a look at my portfolio from my links on this blog and you'll see what I mean.

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