26 December 2012

What's new at the end of the year

Classes are over and I'm in the middle of grading projects, working on my own, and looking for more work. I'm also preparing to recertify in the latest version of Photoshop, CS6. This has never been my favorite thing to do and I have three tests to take if I want to keep current with Adobe. When I do (hopefully) pass, maybe I'll have to change the name of this blog. I'm still on CS5, which is fine for the kind of work I do. Not all of the additions are that useful, but I am looking forward to some of them. Here are some changes in CS6 that are small, but very nice. Oddly enough, they aren't getting much attention by Adobe or the experts:
  • Masks can now be feathered by tenths of a pixel, for example 1.3 px. Very helpful and needed.
  • Vector masks can now be feathered. Very cool!
  • With a selection active, the Background layer is automatically converted to a regular layer when you add a mask; it saves you a step.
  • Layer effects can now be applied to groups. Extremely cool!
  • Layer groups can now act as clipping masks. Even cooler!
I was contacted by a website a while ago to write some Photoshop articles for them. They were even offering money. That sounded good, so I thought up a few topics and submitted them. After getting approval, I wrote two articles and sent them off. After a long wait, they finally told me it wasn't what they were looking for. Nice. So rather than have them go to waste, I will be offering them in my next posts free for everyone to enjoy. I hope they are useful. Merry belated Christmas.

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